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They're loyal and cute and friendly, I HATE that in an animal!
That quote was from LB when Tweeg asked why he ran away from a bunch of fobs. ~what would a bunch of fobs be called, anyways? A fluff? ~
One look at a fob, and the first thing you say is; it that a rat, a furry bird, or some type of catipillar? Well, my friends, a fob is yet another one of Foress's creations. ~This man thinks of it all, doesn't he?~
The fobs mostly shown on the show leave near Rainbowfalls, a water fall with quite the colorful water. As you can see, fobs are also colorfull. So some how, their colors are linked to the water of the falls.
Newton Gimmick once tried to write a book intitled "All About Fobs". It was never destine to become a best seller on the fact that most of the things he wrote were of his own hypotheses and guess. He never really researched.
The voice of a fobs sounds an alwful like Alvin and the Chickmunks. Ummmm....
One fob that is mentioned quite often is Gimmick's pet, Fuzz. He's green and a bit on the annoying side. One time, Tweeg kidnap him, and told Gimmick to leave the vally, or something would happen to Fuzz ~what Tweeg could do to a fob, I don't really want to know~. None the lest, Tweeg's plans are foiled, and Fuzz is saved ~really though, I think Tweeg would of gladly givin back the fob after spending a few days with it.~