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Newton Gimmick

The guy with all The Brains!

This page is on er, um, Newton Gimmick; possibly Grundo's most inventive illiper ~creature that resemble the prestent day human the most~.
Gimmick, as he's reffered to the most, is a great inventor. He's the one that got a boat to fly ~the air ship!~, a dupicating machine ~the multipication table ,nach,~,and an assortment of other useful items.
His invetuallity has lead him to doing an assortment of projects, like builing a rollar-coaster for the Evil Sorcerer, making the air ship mobile on land, entering in the Logic Fair hosted by King Kogburt, and ohhhhhh so many others.
All in all, this guy is quite the genius. Gimmick's best characteristic is his tendancy to studder. But even studdering doesn't keep this illiper frm doing his best!
Gimmick lives in the heart of, well, Gimmick's Vally in a great confortable house with it's own, um, cannon garden. His house also accomidates Grubby, Teddy, and Fuzz, Gimmick's pet green fob.