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L.B. the bounder

He does it hisssssssssss way!

L.B. is the leader of a group of bounders that work for Tweeg. He ~L.B.~ is also what you might want to call an adviser to Tweeg, and holds quite a leadership personaltity.
Though he himself is a bad guy, he can be friendly. You might say he has a lot of pashints as well in order to cope with his boss's sarcastic remarks.
L.B. is married to one of his fellow workers, Buffy. Their wedding was quite an event, with such happenings as bride's mother against groom's mother hissyfits, lots of songs, a flying Tweeg dove snout first into the cake ~which looked really good~ many ungly gifts ~'cept for Tweegs: a small chest full of gold, but he didn't plan it that way~, and a relaxing hunny-moon at a Ying resort. Ahhhhhhh.
Other things that contributes to L.B's charater is his laugh. Remindes me of spoons being air polished.
Though his work with Tweeg seems to be a no-goer, L.B got to be the luckyest bounder ever: he got to be the surpieme oppressor durring which a great darkness of evil fell across the land. But that didn't last too long..... ohhh darn..... and we were just getting used to the weather........