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Monster And Villans Org.
Ok, this is not a character, but an Org. that plays a great role in the TR show.
From the pic, it looks like just the place to have a caring, spiritual org. Wrong!!This is the headquaters of the bad guys of the show. Yeah, it sound odd. Why does evil have to have a meeting place with rules and stuff? I'm wondering the same thing, but apparrently that's the way it is.
The head hancho is The Suprieme Oppressor,Quellor. Quite the guy, I must say. I mean, he's very intellegent, but somehow not smart enough to that the kind of members he has. A very good example of this is, well, Tweeg. Nuff said, right? The main thought in M.A.V.O. revolves around turning all of Gruno to evil. The way this is done is by placing 8 crystals in certain slots located in the ceiling of the war room. when this happens, a great blue light shoots from the top of the room over the sky and out into the land.
Yes this HAS happened, but not long enough to cause any real dammage. Its becuase of this that Teddy's duty as guardian of the crystals is soo important!
M.A.V.O. has a really cool them song, though I can't quite remeber the lryics.. I'll have to as Josh about that one.

The keeper of the gate is, ~now, I can't spell this,~ Bocknostrolclum. A guy that has the WHOLE M.A.V.O. hand book memerized. It's annoying, really. Everytime he talks, he somehow manages to get a subparagraph, or section. :) The only other keeper was Tweeg, but he couldn't do 1/8th of the job Boch could!