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The Wooly What's-it

yes, that IS a name

OK, you think the Jolly Green Giant was sweet, what till you hear about this guy!
The Wooly Whats-it is a very large purple furry creature ~no, not Barney~ with a bit of a hair porb..... kinnda looks like a Pebbles Flintstone 'do.... and an all around really nice guy.
Wolly ~as he is refered to most~ is friends with the trio, and an even greater friend to those who are really smaller than him... fobs and woodsprites. In fact, Wooly is taught by Miss Lyoda with the rest of the children wood sprites.

Ok, let me explain this; one of Wooly's greatest dreams is to be able to read and write. And soon enough, with a lot of learning ~and a very patint teacher~, Wooly's dream comes ture!
And what better way to use his new knowledge than to go exploring and write a book on all the dfferent creature the great land of Grundo has to offer! This way, he will be able to find ot more about his past, sence he seems to be the only one of his kind in Grundo.

Not only is Wolly kind, but a very strong creature, which comes in handy a lot.
The Wolly What's-it has something very distinct about him... this little sound he utters when ever he's mad, scared.. or just to start a sentance, It's kindda hard to explian, but its sortta like saying "Lalalalala" under water. Know what I mean, Vern? Ha, Didn't think so.
So, all in all, the Wolly What's-it is a big guy, with big dreams... and a big heart :0)