Grubby the Octopied

Meet Teddy's best friend; Grubby. He's an octopied ~an eigh legged yellow creature with orange spots and annti and goes "Hoo-hoo!"~.
Though he isn't the strongest or smartest friend of Teddy, he is very friendly and true blue.
One thing said about Grubby is his appitite; this guy loves food. Especially his most favoritest food in the whole wide world; root stew.
The Secrets of Root Stew
If it doesn't sound all that good to you, your not alone. Only octopieds, Teddy's father Brul, and Mud Blubs seem to aquier a taste for the greenish, bubbling brew. But, wait, there's more! Along with this stew came other uses for the roots; root stew sandwiches and root-beer ~you don't say!~. But probably the best utilite of root stew is as ammo for sling shots. I'm not kidding fokes. Prince Arron, Teddy and Gimmick have used this helpfull nourriture to combat against Gitangs ~that name sounds like a drink, doesn't it?~
How Grubby Met Teddy
Grubby meet Teddy in a very unusal way. Before being the good guy, Grubby would eat off of other people's hard work; two of these persones being Teddy and his Mother. The Ruxpins had quite a nice vegitable garden going with all the trimmings; carrots, beets, potatoes, corn, etc, etc. Untill msyteriously, holes where potatoes once stood were starting to show up. Teddy correctly summed up that there was a theif amoung them. Quickly, he and his mother set up a net with little bells about it to catch the veggie snacher. Sure enough, that night, Teddy awoke to the sound of little bells being jiggled by a strunggling stranger, and when he and his mother went to see who it was, who sould be under that net but Grubby himself! To make a long story short, Grubby confessed that it was he who was talking all the Ruxpin's potatoes, mistaking the garden not belonging to anyone. Teddy and his mother forgive the sorry soul, and like Destiny himself tied a little invisable string to Teddy abd Grubby, the two became insepperable!What a great story, huh?