Teddy Ruxpin

The guy the story revolves around

"Hi! My name's Teddy Ruxpin! Can you and I be friends?"
Yes, its the all so famous line of the show's hero.... the adventurios Illiop, Teddy Ruxpin.
Teddy has lead quite the life! As if drawn by fate itself, this young illiop's life rotates around the well-being of the 7 Crystals, each possessing a number of magical qualities.
So, you may be wondering... "Why HIM?" well, my friends, the answer is simple..... Teddy is a decendent of the more adventurios illiops. Conserder this a play on Fath's part. :) Teddy's father, Burl, is also and adventuriuos illiop.

Through-out the show, we find that Teddy has many qualities ~most of them holsome enough to make you sick :0)~. Some of them are courage, love, friendship, his quick thinking, and all around nice guy. If only there were men like him.... ~sigh~.
A great thing about teddy is that he's soooooooooo pure that even when the darkness feel over Grundo, his goody-goody-2-shoes stuck to him! He's definatly hero material.

Teddy has 1 little flaw...... he DOES lie. But only for 1 certain thing...
grubby's root stew.
Teddy says he likes the stuff even though he knows that if he ate it, it would stick to his ribs for years and give him a permanit need for pepmobizmo. See, he says he likes it just so that Grubby doesn't get offended. But Teddy isn't the only one..... just about everyone except Mudbups hate the stuff. The only guy that had the gutts to say that it was gross was Tweeg. But we all know he can't keep his mouth shut.
Well, that just goes to prove that Teddy will go as far as lying to keep a friendship going. Shame shame!
So we gotta give him Mr. Nice Points for that.
Being a nice guy, though, he never really caught any of the female illiops' attention in the series. Too bad.