Let me introduce you to who many think is the main bad guy of the show, Jack W. Tweeg. Now, if he knew that we had givin him such a title, we wouldn't hear the end of it for weeks! Don't know what I mean? Read on, and your sure to find out! Name:Jack W. Tweeg ~Prefers Tweeg, and don't mess that up or you'll be sorry~ well, SORRY? I don't know about that.. maybe irritated by him, or piss him off.... ?

Meet the guy that makes other people hopeful;Tweeg. All his life he's wanted to be a master villain. Was it his ugly ~inside and out~ troll mother Elinore Tweeg that drilled into his head that all he was to focas on was being a villain, or maybe something he himself really wanted to be? What ever the reason, Tweeg's personality is based totally on being mean, nasty, and the bigest asshole known to Grundo. What I mean by this is the folling; Tweeg lies when ever he gets the chance, he is stuffed full of sarcastic remarks, he's a swindler, and one who delights to see someone else miserable. But don't take him as your everyday run-of-the-mill bad guy. When Ken Forress created this guy, he broke the mold. Through-out the run of the show, Tweeg has done a number of things that have raised a few eyebrows. For instance, how many people do you know dressed their hand up to look like a green elf and manage to get going a commotion great enough to cause a fire in the heart of the elf village? *Note; no elfs and/or sprites ~wood or otherwise~ were harmed in the taping of that peticular episode.* What ever the situation, most of Tweeg's antics are caused by his wanting ways of being a member of the Monsters' And Villains Org. ~ M.A.V.O~

Which brings me to the reason as to why Jack does all this stuff. Most bad guys are bad guys. There's no rules to follow, dues to pay, ect. to be a bad guy, 'cept in Tweeg's cause. M.A.V.O could be considered the Moffia of Grundo, only not anywhere's nearly as swab. To get into this place, there are a seires of little details that should try to be followed, such as: always were black, never brush your teeth, lie at every chance, etc. Thing is, Tweeg manages to shrew this up a lot. Although, he get into M.A.V.O ~hip hip horray!~ as a Senior Apprenis, it's easyer for him to get into M.A.V.O through the dungon. Who here has counted the number of times Tweeg wownd up in the slammer?
But I'm swaying off track here.

As much as a bumbling idiot he is, you can't help but feel a little sorry for the chap. Think of it this way, Tweeg comes from a ~ disfunctional family~. His mother a villainess troll, and his father, Elroy, the greatest surfer grunge of all times, didn't quite mix in the marrage department, ending in Elroy leaving Elinore and his son, Jack.

Unofficial Song:

Tweeg; I'm Tweeg;TWEEG!T-W-double'E'-G
It's Tweeg;TWEEG! say Tweeg when your speek'n to me!!
Not Twizzle or Twit or Twinkle or Toot; Twittle-Dumb or Twittle-Dee dee!
It's Tweeg.TWEEG!T-W-double'E'-G!
It's a very simple word with but one sil-a-ble in total, so I wish that you'd memirized it, you udderly hopless Do-do!
L.B; ~talking~;I'll try, Twomp! Hhhhheee!
Tweeg; I'm Tweeg.TWEEG!T-W-double'E'-G.
It's Tweeg.TWEEG!Say Tweeg when your speek'n to me!
Not Sammy or Moe or Tammy or Smoe; Rumplestelzkin Stalky or Smee!
It's Tweeg.TWEEG!T-W-double'E'-W-double'E'-W'double'E'-G!!!
L.B; Talking;But that spells "Tweeweeweeg",Toots!
Tweeg ~screams~;THAT'S TWEEG!!!!!!!! Special thanx to Mark Wentzell aka ~Tweeg~ with the lyrics to the song.